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♦ How to Input Grades Online

- MySNU Login → Academic Affairs → Manage Classes → Grade → Enter/Search Grade → Grade Entry
For the sake of security, we do not offer a separate account for entering grades. Therefore, please make sure to create an account on mySNU.

- Click “Course title” that you want to input grades.

- Input grades with “A+,” “A0,” “A-,” and etc. and click “Save.”

- Click “Transcript inputted by Prof” to print the grade sheet out. → Check if everything is correct. → Click “Open Grade.”

- If you click “Open Grade,” text messages and emails will be sent to the students. Thus, if you change grade(s) after you click “Open Grade,” please contact the student(s) via text message or email so that the student(s) can check his/her final grade.

※ Notes

1) Grades are given based on the number of students right after the deadline date of Course Withdrawal.

2) Depending on your choice upon input mode, you can enter either a grade or a score. (Scores you enter for grades are automatically converted to grades, based on the Grade Conversion criteria.)


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