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♦ Guide for Teaching Faculty

Every semester, teaching faculty must upload syllabi for all the courses that they teach. Syllabi are the only sources of course information available to students prior to course enrollment; therefore, it is imperative that syllabi contain as much information as possible to enable students to make informed decisions regarding choice of courses.

♦ How to upload a syllabus

1) Full-time faculty and reappointed faculty can upload their syllabi online by themselves.

  • MySNU Login → Academic Affairs → Manage Classes → Lecture → Register Course Syllabus → Choose the class you want to upload the syllabus by clicking it. → “Upload Korean File” → Click “찾아보기” and choose your syllabus file → Click “Upload” → “Upload English File” → Click “찾아보기” and choose your syllabus file → Click “Upload”
  • After uploading your syllabus, please choose the course title and click “Open to public” and fill in the course purpose and evaluation method. → Click “Save”
  • It will not be allowed to disclose the syllabus if you do not fill in the purpose of the course and evaluation method. Particularly, if you do not fill in every blank of the “evaluation method” or if there is a “0%,” It will not be saved. Also, the sum of the evaluation method should be “100%.”

2) New coming faculty members should contact the office to determine departmental affiliation, as the department can enter the syllabus.

  • Administration and Information System: Class → Manage Classes → Register Course Syllabi by Department → Input your data or upload a file

3) Required syllabus information

  • Course purpose
  • Textbook and Supplementary Materials: Available among books kept at the SNU library or for purchase
  • Evaluation and Grading Policy


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