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General Education Electives

General Education Electives may freely be chosen to meet the student's individual curiosity and interests. Through the planning of intellectual experiences and activities in diverse areas, these courses provide the foundation for developing and pioneering one's own career and character through self-development and the adventure of thought. These courses also help freshmen gain a better understanding of college life and academics and develop leadership skills; provide art and physical education; give interdisciplinary insight into the complexity of modern society and integrative knowledge; cultivate students' creativity and autonomous research ability; and GE Courses in English assist to understand basic features of Korean history and culture.

♦ Physical Education
Courses in Physical Education consist of physical activities with the aim of cultivating skills in collective cooperation, sportsmanship and healthy physical exercise. They foster harmonious individuals with sound bodies and minds during their university life and beyond.

Art Practice
Courses in Art Practice intend to cultivate students’ abilities in creating, appreciating, and evaluating art works through visual, auditory, synesthetic, and artistic experiences.

College Life and Leadership
Courses in College Life and Leadership help freshmen adjust to the university and successfully perform academic work, They also encourage students to cultivate appropriate values and character as members of the human race, and to develop leadership skills that accompany collective responsibility and an attitude of service through practice.

♦ Creativity and Convergence
Courses in Creativity and Convergence area assist in cultivating students’ independent research capabilities through “Independent research” and “Independent group seminar”. Also they are designed to enhance their creative talents by providing the opportunity to integrate, analyze, compare, and analyze diverse topics from various academic perspectives and contexts through interdisciplinary courses

♦ Korea in the World (Courses in English)
Courses in Korea in the World are conducted in English (foreign language), and this area aims to provide the opportunity to understand politics, economics, culture, and history of Korean society from diverse academic perspectives. These courses could be particularly helpful to foreign students in understanding Korean society.


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