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Academic Foundations

This category serves as the common foundation for all students and enhances basic skills that will be continuously implemented even after graduation. This category includes courses that develop students’ ability to think critically and to express their ideas clearly and effectively through speaking and writing in both their native and foreign languages. It also includes courses that foster the mathematical reasoning skills and rigorous statistical analysis demanded by academic discourse; basic science courses that ensure students improve their scientific knowledge and acquire experimentation methodologies; and courses that help students understand the principles and application methods of computer science and information management.

♦ Critical Thinking and Writing
Through speaking and writing, this area emphasizes cultivating the ability to think logically and critically, to read analytically and synthetically, and to create and share knowledge in methods appropriate to each academic field’s tradition and form, which is demanded of an educated individual.

Foreign Languages
Competence in foreign languages helps students improve the critical thinking skills and the academic fluency needed to handle various academic activities in college and also helps eliminate difficulties in global communication.

Mathematical Sciences
Courses in this area help students acquire basic mathematical knowledge, understand and apply its principles, and develop logical and scientific reasoning skills through mathematical expressions, diagrams, and analysis of statistical results.

Natural Sciences
Courses in this area help students acquire basic scientific knowledge and cultivate scientific talent that generates creative thinking through scientific thinking and experiment.

Computer and Information Science
Courses in this area cultivate the ability to utilize and promote the understanding of the basic principles of computer and information technology and personal information protection generally needed in academic work and daily life.


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