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Vision and Objectives

The purpose of foundational liberal education is to instill the following abilities or literacies:

♦ analyze, think critically, and conceptualize such thoughts

♦ grasp holistic understanding

♦ articulate complex concepts

♦ reflect deeply and express such thoughts logically

♦ exercise ethical judgment

♦ think of wide-ranging alternatives

♦ discover and create new knowledge

♦ understand, explain, and control new situations

♦ make predications from comprehensive understandings of current situations

♦ discover problems, solve problems, and share results

Foundational liberal education is a form of reflection on the diverse, evolving cultures of humanity with the objective to obtain deeper understanding of the world we inhabit and the way we think. This type of education has enabled humanity to grow and develop holistically. As a result, foundational liberal education has taken its places as one of the core curricula of higher education. Despite minor differences among world societies, foundational liberal education has been pursued universally for the benefit of all of humanity.

As a key factor of university education, the characteristics and functions of foundational liberal education has evolved throughout history. So far it has retained its reason for existence as the core of higher education. It is only natural that as we continue to develop the depth of foundational liberal education. We aspire to make significant contributions to students’ major-specific education, vocational training, creative knowledge production, and lives within society after graduation. Accordingly, the FLE has established the above mentioned as the purpose for the curriculum of foundational liberal education for the students of SNU.

We, the FLE at SNU, outline the following as our vision and direction for foundational liberal education in our university

♦ To implement integrative foundational liberal education that diffuses the boundaries between the diverse disciplines, programs, and colleges within the university

♦ To cultivate high-level and intensive foundational liberal education that promotes both the collaboration between liberal education and major-specific education

♦ To establish foundational liberal education that enhances individual student experiences in the diverse areas of the curriculum and further develop student autonomy

♦ To cultivate leadership skills by extending foundational liberal education beyond the curriculum by opening various opportunities to participate in social services and leadership education

♦ To develop all educational activities outside of the major-specific curriculum as part of the FLE curriculum that strives to promote creative individuals though diverse yet specific education

♦ To provide practical curricular assistance to students before and after admission to the university, and to assist with early integration into the university setting and familiarity with the curriculum

♦ To educate with global insight through a variety of international programs that provide students with unique opportunities and methods to experience the world

♦ As a leading university in the nation, to establish a large network with national and international universities, share information on foundational liberal education, and strengthening the curriculum by implementing a productive, collaborative systems and sharing information through the network


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