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Message from the Dean

Welcome to the Faculty of Liberal Education!


The Faculty of Liberal Education (FLE) was established in 2002 as an exclusive institute with the purpose of strengthening the foundational education in the undergraduate programs of Seoul National University (SNU). Accordingly, over the past years, as the primary unit concerned with undergraduate studies at SNU, the FLE has taken active and diverse measures to heighten the level of foundational liberal education through curriculum development and management. In this day and age when “knowledge” has become the core of all social mandates, the importance of a strong foundational liberal education has become even more relevant and a significant component of university education. One of the most conspicuous aspects of a “knowledge-based society” is that each area of society is diversified and specialized while simultaneously becoming mutually dependent on each other. Thus, in order to adapt to the current changes and further establish our roles as leaders in this knowledge-based society, we need to aspire to the following: achieve insight that will lead us to a holistic rather than fragmented perspective; work through a phenomenon to reach its essence; consider the details to reach the core; and finally, reach over the periphery to establish wider and deeper interdisciplinary compatibility. In order to educate individuals with such potential, I believe that the role of foundational liberal education as general education is vital; perhaps it is even more important than major-specific education that focuses on teaching professional individuals within specialized areas of study.

The current FLE curriculum consists mainly of the following three domains: Academic Foundations, Worlds of Knowledge, and General Education Electives. Academic Foundations comprises of core subjects - mandatory to all students - that are essential in fostering intellectual capabilities throughout the period of a student’s enrollment in the university. The courses offered in Worlds of Knowledge address topics that focus on creating balanced and discerned insight for students that have already received some university education. With regards to General Education Electives, students are given the liberty to choose topics and subjects that hold personal interest. Exemplary topics in this area include College Life and Leadership, Creativity and Convergence, Korea in the World, and other practical teachings within the arts, music, and physical education.

We will continue to develop and manage the curriculum with academic excellence and the university population that we serve in mind. Input and contributions from across the disciplinary spectrum are invited and welcomed.


Dean of Faculty of Liberal Education





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