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‘Great Books Reading Seminar’ Winter Semester in 2016
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‘Great Books Reading Seminar’ Winter Semester in 2016

Let us introduce the subject ‘Great Books Reading Seminar’ Winter Semester in 2016.

With reading western and eastern great books as well as sharing the themes and spirit in them, this course aims to develop students' ethical competencies as a responsible member of human community. Through the course students will ponder upon diverse approaches to moral attitudes such as ‘Goodness’, ‘Justice’, ‘Happiness’, ‘Community’, ‘Peace’, ‘Love’, ‘Leadership’, ‘Destiny’, ‘Desire’ etc. The more altruistic and committed way of life will also be considered. As a seminar-kind course of 20 people it focuses on students activities(reading, debating, character analysis, reciting, role playing, project performance etc) rather than lecturing. This activity-based learning will make students more understanding, empathetic and matured person. Multiple classes of different themes and books will be offered, which help students to choose what they want according to their problems, concerns and backgrounds.

· Course Number : L0655.000300

· Course Title : Great Books Reading Seminar (3-3-0)

· Category (Area) : 『General Education Electives』<Creativity and Convergence>

· Quota(enrollment students) : 25

· Grading Type : A~F (absolute evaluation)

· qualification for taking this Course : those who took more than 1 Course among these Categories ; 『Academic Foundations』 or 『Worlds of Knowledge』(Including Fall Semester in 2016)

For further information, call 880-5683

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