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Rules of Each Set of Courses List
No. Title Writer Date Pageview
7 Registration Rules by College admin 2017.01.08 50
6 Guidelines for Required TEPS Score and Registration Rules for English Foundations, College English 1, College English 2 and Advanced English Coureses admin 2016.12.28 120
5 Registration Rules for Honor Calculus and Honor Physics courses admin 2016.12.28 59
4 Registration Rules for Basic Calculus 1, 2 and Basic Natural Sciences courses admin 2016.12.28 51
3 Registration Rules for Physics courses, based on the score of the Physics Proficiency Test admin 2016.12.28 57
2 Registration Rules for Mathematical Sciences courses, based on the score of the Mathematics Achievement Test admin 2016.12.28 49
1 Registration Rules for Second Foreign Languages courses admin 2016.12.28 76
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